Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Live Love Polish // Color Club Swatches - Blue Edition

Hi everyone! Oh how I miss this! It’s been a while, but I’m here now :) Sadly I couldn’t finish my RuPaul's Drag Race S7 project, but I had so much fun while it lasted! I may occasionally do some drag related nail art, so I’m not getting rid of that facet of my nail escapades anytime soon :)

But guys! Today's kind of a special day! For those of you who haven't found out yet, I can announce to you that I'm officially a Creative Ambassador for the online nail polish shop Live Love Polish!

YAAAY! What an achievement! I'm so proud to have been chosen to be part of a team of very talented nail artists - to be a face for Live Love Polish! They carry an amazing array of brands including China Glaze, Color Club, Essie, NCLA and Picture Polish, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to do this collaboration and represent something that I really love!

Actually I have been listed on the Live Love Polish website since Fall as a Creative Ambassador, but I have not been able to start up on this amazing project until now! Anyhow, it's been so exciting to follow along on the sideline watching Live Love Polish just grow and grow, and gain such immense success!

It's kind of adorable - Live Love Polish was founded by 2 people, actually sister and brother, Michelle and Wayne :) They have a wonderful staff who helps with everything from packing orders, managing inventory and updating social media. I just wanted to share this info with you, because I think it's really nice to know a few things about those from whom you buy things :)

Before going on to the photos, I'd like to clarify some things about the links in my Live Love Polish blog posts. The links leading to the webshop will most likely be affiliate links. This affiliate link thingy will never change my views and opinions of any products. Same goes for every PR sample I ever receive, no matter who it's from. I always say that, but I just want to make sure that you're aware of it. Now FINALLY let's move on to the actual review and photos haha!

Today I'm showing you 3 shades from Color Club called Silver Lake, Trippie Hippie and Williamsburg. Just FYI - I actually took these photos 6 months ago, and added notes in the process. Have a look! :)

Silver Lake is a light grey creme. I used 2 coats here. It has a nice formula, a bit on the thicker side, maybe due to the lightness in color. It leans just very slightly blue, not much, but it's there. So pretty!

Trippie Hippie is a deep blue metallic shade with vivid shimmer. 2 coats. I had to try it on twice to get a decent result - it kept bubbling on me, and maybe it's just a lack of painting skills on my part, or maybe it was just the fairly thick formula, who knows! But seriously, looking at how beautiful it is, I'd say it was definitely worth it!! So I'm actually not complaining (that much).

Williamsburg is a dark navy blue shade with fine blue micro-glitter. This one had the absolute best formula of the three! I used 2 easy coats, and since it contains a little bit of fine glitter, it was also the one to dry the fastest. I'm in love with Williamsburg. Utterly in love. My personal pick out of the 3 :)

Color Club offers vegan, cruelty-free nail polish, made with love in the USA. Check out the full range from Color Club over at Live Love Polish. They retail at $8.50, except the holographic polishes which retail at $10. 

Live Love Polish is based in the USA, and if your order is $20 or more, you'll qualify for free standard US shipping. They also offer worldwide shipping - isn't that amazing?! There is a small shipping fee, with price depending on which country you live in and how fast you want your package to arrive. You know the drill, you'll figure it out :)

As always thanks for reading along! If you'd like you can find me on TwitterFacebook and Instagram - all @nailescapades :) I'll talk to you soon!

Stay polished<3

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