Sunday, April 12, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race 7 - Episode 4 // Miss Fame's Green Dress

Hi everyone! Today it's time for the fourth nail design in my RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 series. Let's see if I can keep it short in this blog post - I'm getting way behind schedule! I could blabber on for ages because I love this show so much! All of my RuPaul's Drag Race themed posts are sooo long and heartfelt, and I love it haha! Thanks for keeping up with my blog so far, so yeah! Let's get movin'! Echa Pa'lante!

Spoof! (There It Is) was the title of the fourth episode, and this time the squirrels were challenged to do a parody of three of RuPaul's original songs. Grouped into 3 teams, they had to come up with their own themes, add new lyrics and record a new music video to each of their assigned songs. The theme for the main stage event this week was All Green. Right up my alley (sorry Michelle)!

My top pick from this episode is once again Miss Fame! That cosmic, alien, galactic mermaid dress had me gagging for days! For my nail art I really wanted to capture the flow (pronounced: fleouw~) of the dress, and especially the draping at the bottom of the dress inspired me and completely influenced my design today. As I haven't perfected my water-marbling skills yet, I tried to mimic the effect and I actually came up with a technique on my own on how to recreate the effect. I didn't do any research as I was in a hurry, so without overthinking it, I quickly just started painting swirls on my nails! Not a typical Malene-thing to do, but it werked! Starting from one side of the nail going to the other, I alternated between 2 stunning full coverage multichromes; I made sure to end every swirl at the tip while creating sharp points meeting each other. Ehm, you'll get it when you see the photos haha. I waited a little in between colors so they wouldn't completely mix together where they overlap each other. Even though that would've probably looked totes cool too! Now - photos! :)

The 2 multichromes I used are from F.U.N Lacquer; Blessing (H) is the greener one and Celebrate (H) is the purple one. I really thought they had great similarity to the look and feel of Miss Fame's dress! They're each out of this world beautiful, and paired together they have that insanely gorgeous cosmic mermaid energy to them - do you see it? Gasp! I love the high quality of these multichromes - you won't need a base for these, as they are so pigmented and amazing! Links to everything F.U.N Lacquer are at the end of the post, so check this brand out if you want :) Love it!

I have to briefly comment on the other girls' main stage looks, sorry 'bout it ;) Katya sported a very Escapades-ish colored sequins'd gown; it was simple and I liked it - except the hair, ahem... Hahaha. Loved Pearl's reptilian bodysuit :) Max's outfit was sending serious Marie Antoinette vibes and I loved it!! I really don't know how the judges didn't see all the green in this outfit, I mean, everything was green except the gloves, socks and the corset-thingy. I don't even know! Maybe I'm biased as she's one of my absolute favorites! Alright can we just talk about Violet's showgirl attire? Holy macaroni, that was really awesome! She's consistently bringing us amazing looks EVERY week, and I can't believe I haven't picked one of her outfits yet for my series. Shame on me! Perhaps next week - who knows?

Anyway, it's time for my 3 favorite gifs from this episode! :) Enjoy!

If you've already watched episode 5 and 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 7, then which looks did you like the most? Tell me here in the comments, on InstagramFacebook and Twitter - all at @nailescapades :) Maybe they're my faves too!

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Stay polished<3

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  1. I don't know about the show, but I know that your nails look absolutely awesome!

  2. wow nice blog I think They're each awesome lovely, and matched together they have that madly exquisite astronomical mermaid vitality to them - do you see it. the gloves, socks and the bodice thingy. I don't know! Perhaps I'm one-sided as she's one of my outright top picks! Okay would we be able to simply discuss Violet's showgirl clothing? Blessed macaroni, that was truly great! She's reliably bringing us stunning looks

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