Friday, April 3, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race 7 - Episode 3 // Miss Fame's Harlequin Dress

Hi everyone! Today it's time for the third nail design in my RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 series. I really love this show, and I'm so excited each week to see what the girls are up to; it's like the highlight of my week! :) This project brings me so much joy, and I'm so happy that I get to do this. The fact that you like it and meet it with such positivity just makes it even better! Thank you for that :)

ShakesQueer was the title of the third episode and this time our queens were presented with a theatrical challenge to test out their acting skills. They were grouped into two teams and as the title ShakesQueer suggests, each team performed in new and fun adaptations of two Shakespeare classics - Romy & Juliet and MacBitch. For the main stage event this week's theme was very appropriately Beard Queen. It was oddly beautiful to witness this combination of such feminine elegance with such a masculine trait as a beard. It didn't look like what you'd perhaps expect! They were and they weren't guys dressed as girls - do you know what I mean? It was so fascinating; some of the queens really took it at made it into a very unique expression of art. It definitely brought the Shakespearean theme full circle. I mean, did you know that the word drag stems from this time period? It was actually an acronym for 'dressed as girl’ used when referring to female characters in Shakespearean theatre, as they all were played by men.

My favorite outfits from the episode were fashioned by Max, Pearl, Violet, and Miss Fame. This time around my top pick was Miss Fame's harlequin inspired dress! The cut and the shapes together with the color palette just worked for me, and it felt so relevant to the theme! Instant. Favorite. I think another important factor that weighed me towards her outfit, was that the entire look was completed with incredibly stunning makeup and awesome nails! It just worked! :)

So instead of recreating Miss Fame's beautiful nail art, I tried to come up with a nail design that's inspired by the 'feel' of the dress while also adapting parts of the pattern. Specifically the boob area haha! In my opinion this nail design would go perfectly with the dress :) Check it out below! :)

Nail polishes used are: Kiko - Blush #507 (nude), piCture pOlish - frank-n-furter (red), Chanel - Black Satin #219 (black) and Guerlain - Nahema (orange).

Seeing these beautiful beings with beards really made me think of Mathu Andersen! If you don't know him, uhm where have you been? Haha! Well let me tell you, he's an amazingly talented makeup artist - with emphasis on artist! He's a legend; a humble wizard with a magical makeup brush as his wand! He is also a photographer, creative producer and you know, just an overall icon. He has definitely reached a sort of cult status and I completely understand why! Oh, and he's by the way the one doing the beating of RuPaul's beautiful face! Plus the fluffing of her perfectly natural hair! ;)

Alright squirrel friends! I think I'll do this segment from now on, where before I round off the blog post, I'm going to show you some of my favorite moments from the featured episode :) Let it be gif's, photos or clips I can't not share with you! ;) Yay? Enjoy!

Byyyy the way! If you already watched episode 4 and 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 7, then which looks did you like the most? Tell me here in the comments, on InstagramFacebook and Twitter - all at @nailescapades :) Maybe they're my favorites too!

Stay polished!


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