Saturday, March 14, 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race 7 - Episode 1 // Max's Fall Runway Look

Girls, guys and everyone in between! I've been considering this fun idea for a nail art project slash challenge for months, and now I'm ready to RuVeal it to you. You might not know this about me, but I'm the biggest fan of RuPaul's Drag Race! I have watched every single season including All Stars and it's fair to say that I'm OBSESSED! :) The makeup, the hair, the outfits, personalities - basically everything!! I'm so fascinated by the amazing transformations; it's truly an art form, and in my opinion, RuPaul's Drag Race is one of the absolute best tv shows out there! :) So what's the idea then? Well, I'm going to challenge myself to do a weekly nail art look inspired by one of my favorite outfits from the latest episode of season 7! (Not counting the indisputable queen of queens RuPaul's outfits - or I'd want to choose hers every time!) The first episode already aired, and I was glued to the screen through the entire thing! I think I have a top 3, well maybe 4, or 5, I don't know haha, but I'm not going to tell you who they are just yet! Anything can change - we're only at episode 1! :) Well, actually episode 2 by now, but I'm trying to keep up shhh! :) So yeah, this is going to be a chatty, introductory and just absolutely fun, laid back blog post, so get your cuppa tea ready and your comfy on and read along! ;)

Born Naked was the title of the first episode, and the girls each showed us 4 different looks! They all arrived in full drag of course, and as always we have some outrageously stunning queens! Here they wore their first outfits of this season. Their second and third outfits were shown off during a challenge of creating a 2015 Spring and Fall look for the runway, channeling fashion week extravaganza. The fourth and last outfit was of course modeled at the main stage event, and here they were challenged to create Resort wear that tears away to a nude illusion! Gasp! They did wear clothes underneath like full body suits though (except for Violet Chachki) and some of those were actually contoured and highlighted to create a realistic appearance of a naked woman's figure! Crazy fun haha!

My top pick from the first episode is Max's stylish Fall look! We were seeing minimalist couture on the runway, damn right channeling Jil Sander realness! I want to wear her outfit right here and right now; my body is ready, make it happen! Those black high-waisted pants, leg-lengthening boots and the nude bralette, wow, just wow! I'm also living for oversized coats, and this color-block version was right up my alley! I practically instantly saw mental pictures of a super simple and easy way of transferring this style into a nail design, and I'm kinda digging it! It's inspired by the breathtaking, minimalistic silhouette of the black high-cut pants paired with the nude top. At the same time it's also hinting at the idea of color-blocking - inspired by the coat! The black polish I used is Black Satin #219 from Chanel, and it's a one coat wonder! Instead of using a nude colored nail polish for the other part of the design, I elaborated and thought hey hey, why not go nude as in naked! It fits with the theme! To be honest, this is probably the easiest nail art I've ever done, but that doesn't change how cool it looks! Wouldn't it just go hella good with Max's outfit? It's a new favorite look to me, and I'll be wearing it a lot from now on! On to the photos! :)

▲ How to do this ▲

  1. Prepare by cutting at least 10 pieces of scotch tape in sizes about 1" long.
  2. Now start by applying a layer of your favorite base coat to your nails and let dry.
  3. Your nails need to be completely dry before completing this step; place a piece of scotch tape about halfway up your nail - place it sideways for a cleaner edge. If your tape is super sticky it might rip off your base coat when you remove it, so dab it on the back of your hand a few times to soften its grip.
  4. Grab a black polish of your choice and go for it! Paint the exposed bit and gently remove the tape while the polish is wet - preferably with tweezers! :) For best results, follow this procedure one nail at a time. Just a tip ;)
  5. Using a tiny nail art brush, I dipped it back into the black polish and touched up where needed for a neater look. If you don't have that - use a toothpick in a stippling motion :)
  6. Clean up around your nails with a flat nail art brush or a q-tip dipped in acetone or remover. You might have spots on your skin from your polish, and it just looks so much prettier without those! :)
  7. Now finish off with a thick fast drying top coat, and you're good to go ;) 

I really like Max's whole Old Hollywood glamour concept and the fact she's bringing complete consistency and fierceness; for example by always (so far) fashioning beautiful grey hair! God I loved the main stage look too - those crutches ahahaha! That's committing to your character! Love!

Honorable mentions to ALL of Miss Fame's sharp tailored outfits! I can not get enough of her! She’s a supermodel drag queen, a living piece of art with a dash of attitude! :) Actually, I already knew about her before this round of RuPaul’s Drag Race - I’m subscribed to her YouTube channel where she does SICKENING (stunning!) makeup tutorials! Girl, her clothes in this episode! Every outfit was on point; she was channeling classic expensive couture, and the makeup OMG! I could go on and on about the makeup! On all the queens in fact! It really inspires me and makes me want even more to get further into makeup!

I also want to mention my love for Pearl’s super elegant and kinda urban chic style! Every single outfit was awesome, and her sultry bedroom eyes are really out of this world beautiful! God, I also loved all of Violet Chachki’s clothes! Can we just talk about her runway looks? I'm living for them! It really took me by surprise when her “sequins'd dress” went all ninja turning into a tartan jumpsuit! Btw, bold move on her part for going actually nude for the main challenge sporting nothing but a piece of tape down there! :) Anyway, let’s round off this blog post! :)

I think it’s really amazing to keep seeing all these new sides to drag, it’s so refreshing! With every new season of Rupaul’s Drag Race, I feel like the art of drag evolves and it expands! The whole world now has bigger access than ever to learn about drag, and catch a glimpse of this rather mysterious genre of performance arts :) I’m so stoked to see how well the queens (my queens!) on RuPaul’s Drag Race are representing this art form, it’s so overwhelming to sit by and experience with every season! My passion and love is real!

I’m just really excited and so so ready to see what’s going to happen this time around! We have some fierce queens all set to show their potential! So gentlemen, start your engines - and may the best woman win! :)

Stay polished!<3

Ps. If you watched episode 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 Glamazonian Airways, then which look was your favorite? Tell me here in the comments, on InstagramFacebook and Twitter - all at @nailescapades :) Maybe it's my favorite too! Kisses!<3


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