Saturday, October 18, 2014

Polish Alcoholic - Calumma

Hi everyone! Today I'm reviewing an ultrachrome top coat; another fantastic nail polish from the Dutch indie brand Polish Alcoholic. This one is extra special because it primarily consists of chromatic color-changing shimmer. It means that it changes colors depending on which angle you look at it from according to a light source. Sounds amazing right? Like, what kind of wizardry is this even? Lol! I can't wait for you to see it with your own eyes :)

Calumma - an ultrachrome top coat that ranges from turquoise all the way over to copper! Quite a wide color palette! It's meant to be layered over a dark color so we're actually able to see the magic happen :) I used 2 coats of a black polish as a clean canvas, then I just applied one single coat of Calumma on top of it and BAM! You now have an out of this world manicure! I seriously couldn't stop looking at my nails; I was constantly angling them according to light *sigh* so pretty! Anyway, be sure to seal it all in with regular top coat for ultimate shine and to keep it lasting longer :)

This was my absolute favorite out of the 3 beautiful nail polishes I was sent :) It's just so damn gorgeous! The insane color-shift is unbelievable, it looks really awesome on your nails, I can't even even!

Sabrina, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so sweet and amazing! You're so talented and a genius when it comes to inventing interesting nail polishes :) I can't wait to try more of them in the future!

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Stay polished!<3

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