Saturday, October 25, 2014

La Vita è Bella - Nail Decals // Deers with flower crowns

Hi everyone! Today I'll be testing out some of the most beautiful water decals for nails I've ever seen. The brand is called La Vita è Bella which is Italian for "life is beautiful". Now you'd think it's an Italian brand but it's actually based in Hong Kong! They have such an amazing range of different nail decals, and I was blown away by the modern and just really simplistic, fresh and stylish designs.

Deer Head is the name of the decals I'm showing you today. I decided to use the floral version, apply and wear them as accent nails on top of Angel with a Leadfoot by OPI. Seriously, aren't they just gorgeous?

The founder Nicole reached out to me and I was so lucky to receive 3 kinds of water decals. Those were The Great Wave of Japanese Sea, Tetris and Deer Head. When I was cropping and otherwise editing my photos I noticed this tiny detail which immediately made me smile - the pointing hands on their business cards and shop logo are wearing red nail polish! So cute :)

With every order you make comes the instructions on how to apply the water decals. Follow the guide step by step like I did and you're good to go! You'll find it's actually super easy!

Because I'm a human being I do too make mistakes from time to time; I failed to place the decal on my ring finger perfectly along the tip of my nail. It could've easily been fixed with a bit of black nail polish, but I only noticed the flaw after taking my photos! Leaving it like that was so challenging, not gonna lie, but I didn't have the time to fix it and redo the photo-shoot. The thumb looks perfect though :)

La Vita è Bella // Shop - Etsy - Other Retailer - Instagram - Facebook

Thank you for reading along! I can't say enough how much I appreciate it! :) If you'd like, you can leave me a comment here on my blog, FacebookInstagram & Twitter - and I'll talk to you soon!

Stay polished!<3

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  1. Yes, they are definitely gorgeous and these kind of decals can make any plain color look like a piece of art!

  2. How come i didn't know this beautiful blog?! This mani is absolutely lovely!
    I'm gonna follow you on bloglovin. Love those water decals and those nails ♥
    x, Emily

  3. I love these water decals! :) They look great on a white background.

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