Saturday, October 11, 2014

F.U.N Lacquer - King & Queen

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the amazing response to my previous blog post - mainly on Instagram :) I have to say that it was a hard thing for me to do! I pushed my self by figuratively leaning forward - and then to avoid falling down I had to take a footstep as well! A step further in the direction I really want to go! Do you know what I mean? It’s a small push, not pressure :) That means I now feel even more empowered - especially because I also have you guys’ support! So thanks from the bottom of my heart! I feel so lucky to have the sweetest readers and followers!<3

Today I’m showing you 2 nail polishes from one of my favorite brands called King and Queen - and they're by F.U.N Lacquer. They both contain high quality holographic glitter and real sterling silver flakes! King has mainly gold glitter and Queen has silver glitter. Let’s start with Queen shall we?

Queen is like a platinum silver. It gets that metallic holographic look from the added flakes of real sterling silver. Formula-wise King and Queen are very similar; to obtain full coverage you need just 3 coats, they’re very fast drying and they actually apply super evenly! Seriously, just look at those sparkles!

King is like a platinum gold. As with Queen, King gets a super metallic holographic appearance from the real sterling silver flakes. Again, to obtain full coverage you need only 3 coats, the drying time is very fast and it applies really evenly!

To get an ultra smooth finish on both of these royals you may want to apply top coat. Lastly, for gentle removal I suggest you use a peel-off base coat; I use OPI’s glitter-off base coat, and it works for me! :)

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Thank you so much as always for reading along, I really appreciate it! :) If you'd like you can leave me a comment here on my blog, FacebookInstagram & Twitter - and I'll talk to you soon!

Stay polished!<3

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  1. My fave of this two is definitely Queen!! I love it, so stunning.