Saturday, September 27, 2014

F.U.N Lacquer - Princess 2.0 Collection // Part 1

Hi everyone! Do you know what time it is? It's time for another F.U.N Lacquer swatchathon! Yuin Ying has made an epic re-release of her Princess Collection from last year - the new Princess 2.0 Collection. It consists of 12 holographic nail polishes inspired by 12 Disney princesses, and amazingly enough she has created new and improved formulas for us. As an extra surprise, another princess has joined the group this year! If you don't already know who, then you'll have to wait for the final post to see the big reveal hehe :)

Neutral to Brown // Snow White, Mulan, Pocahontas & Merida

Snow White is an ultra pale off-white/grey holo. Formula-wise it's smooth and creamy, and it applies really well - just 2-3 coats does the job. The color is gorgeous, and it really makes me think of glistening snow. In the shade it looks like a classic beautiful pale grey, but when it gets true love's kiss from the sun, it comes to life and shines brighter than ever :) The holo is not so strong with this one, it's subtle and gentle, just like Snow White.

Mulan is a light beige holo. The shade is very neutral, and I think it's one of those nudes that would suit almost every skin tone. I see the resemblance between this color and Mulan's training outfit, and I think the translation is very well made - and it turned out to be so elegant and stylish. I'm pretty sure if Chanel ever released a nude holo-infused lacquer, this would be it. On that same level, the formula is excellent, it appears really delicate and velvety - 3 coats worked for me.

Pocahontas is a brown holo with luminous gold shimmer. The formula is wonderful, it applies really well and 2 coats is all you need! That glow from within, the golden sheen, is breathtaking! The base color itself is stunning, yet the addition of that dreamy shimmer is what makes me fall in love with it over and over again! Pocahontas' dress is the source of inspiration for this one - it's translated so glamorously, I can't even. This has ended up as one of my Fall favorites!

Oh how I remember proudly dressing up as Pocahontas when I was a little girl, I think I almost owned every Disney Princess outfit :) Back then I somehow tricked my older brother into wearing it too - PLUS the beautiful black wig... and luckily my mom saved the moment forever in a picture hahaha!

Merida is a reddish brown holo, it's auburn like Merida's hair! The shade is a bit more brown than what I had imagined, but I like it! I've never seen a holo in this color - it's definitely unique in my stash! Anyway, it's perfect for Fall don't you think? For me 2 coats did the job, and the application was super smooth and easy. Try this if you're Brave enough! :P

So this was the first 4 out of 12 princesses! The next 4 will fall under the category yellow to green. Are you excited? It wont be long this time around :)

Part 1Part 2Part 3

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading along, I really appreciate it! :) If you'd like you can leave me a comment here on my blog, Facebook and Instagram - and I'll talk to you soon!

Stay polished!<3

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  1. They are gorgeous and you took some beautiful photos!

  2. Oh good lawd, those are scrumptious! I really thought my wallet was pretty safe for awhile, since I didn't think anybody would be releasing colors I wanted (not into dark colors) but oh boy was I mistaken! I am dying over your beautiful nails and those polishes!

    1. Sorry about the delayed reply! :) Hehe ! I'm sorry if this made you want more nail polish! :P Thank you so much for your love<3

  3. Jeg er så vild med denne kolleksjonen, og jeg har såååå lyst på den! ❤

    1. Undskyld jeg svarer så sent! :) Hehe ja den er fantastisk denne kollektion! Desværre er neglelakkerne limited edition. Vi kan kun håbe på der kommer en 3.0 udgave næste år! ;)