Thursday, July 24, 2014

Polishers Inc. - Neon’tastic // Watermelon Nail Art

Hi everyone! Wow. Just wow. You may have noticed I've been kinda AWOL this past month, huh? Everything that's happening right now in my life, well it's quite overwhelming. It all gets a bit too much sometimes, don't you agree? But you know what - let me just break it to you now - it's actually okay to take a little time off once in a while if you really need it :)

Did you know that during my break I went to Italy?! Aww yeah ;) I was totally chillin' like a villain by the pool in beautiful Italy, and it was just so. fricking. great! Something didn't go as planned though - I did hope to post a certain blog post while I was on vacation, but I wasn't able to because there was no damn internetz. I KNOW, doesn’t that just sound terrifying!? Haha! But yeah, I was counting on free mobile internet from my phone company thingy, but sadly my phone was like "Nope! >:D", there was just no connection where I was staying. We went to several places with free wi-fi, but too many people were lining up in queues - they probably had the same difficulties as us - so it was nearly impossible to get on! I did manage a few times, but the connection was a big p.i.t.a, and it wouldn't even let me view photos on Instagram, my mails or load a simple website. Gah. Sorry about the ranting haha, but I was just a bit disappointed okay? :P After a few days of withdrawal symptoms lol, it was actually quite nice :) I suddenly had time to read in my book! Still, I missed you guys more than ever. <3

Anyhow, now I just have a lot of catching up to do! And in the next couple of days I'll try my best to read all your comments on my social media sites and reply to you :) That's on Instagram, Facebook and here on my blog ;)

Alright?! Ready for some new nail escapades? Let's do this :)

As you know, the first Sunday every month is the day where Polishers Inc. - the most legendary European nail art group - we do our monthly challenge :)

For the month of July our challenge theme was Neon'tastic :D I must admit I had to immediately turn to and buy some neon polishes, and luckily I already knew what colors I wanted to get :) Some I've been eyeing in what seems to be forever to me ;) It's actually the first time I'm trying this brand, even though it's perhaps one of the most popular ones out there - China Glaze :P The two I purchased were Flip Flop Fantasy and Kiwi Cool-Ada, and I'm using both for this easy peasy neon watermelon nail design :)

Check out the written mini tutorial below the photos :)

▲ How to do this ▲

  1. Start off with a layer of your favorite base coat and let it dry.
  2. Pick a white polish for your base color, and depending on quality and opacity you'll need 1-2 coats to have a nice background for your Neon'tastic nail art :)
  3. Your nails need to be completely dry before completing this step; place a piece of scotch tape about halfway up your nail, and paint the exposed bit with a neon coral pink polish.
  4. Now, what I did, was that I used a nail art brush* to apply the neon green polish to the remaining half of the nail - leaving a white gap between the two neon colors :) Just trace the edges of where you want the green color to be, and fill it in immediately. You'll need to repeat this step if you want a more opaque green tip :)
  5. With the same nail art brush*, I ran it through some black polish and formed the small teardrop shaped melon seeds :)
  6. Using this awesome brush again, after I rinsed it off, I dipped it into white polish and touched up the lines along the white strip.
  7. Finish of with a thick fast drying top coat, and you're good to go ;)

*The nail art brush I'm using and loving with all my heart, is the Pure Color No. 10 - I bought it from Joanna, the shop owner of @stylishnailartshop on Instagram. She's really sweet :)

If you're new to my blog, and want to see what we in Polishers Inc. have created - then check out the Facebook fan page and our Instagram profile :)

Thank you so much for reading along, I truly appreciate it! :) Leave a comment if you'd like, and I'll talk to you soon!

Stay polished!<3


  1. Super crazy neon! I love it!

    Kim |

  2. That is such a fun, bright mani! Love the colors (Yay for summer neons!) and like how neat and clean the design is while still being such fun. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. Hope you picked up some lovely polishes there in Italy!

    1. Totally YAY for summer neons!! Haha!<3
      Aw you're so sweet saying that! I'm happy to be back :) and to read your kind comments again :)
      I did go crazy in a Kiko store and yeah, let's just say I picked up about ENOUGH haha! :)
      Maybe to many for myself!? *hint hint future giveaway shhh*

  3. I saw this has been posted on I LOVE POLISH's FB! This is such an adorable design and colour combo!!

    1. I'm so sorry about the late response! Yes it was really awesome to see that! :) Thank you for your kind words<3

  4. Wow this looks incredible! I'm really amazed by this design! :)

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