Saturday, July 26, 2014

F.U.N Lacquer - Luxury Duo

Hi everyone! Today I'm presenting the Luxury Duo from F.U.N Lacquer :) And ladies... I'm swoon by these extravagant nail polishes, and I think you will be too! More thoughts plus buying info below the photos - I can't wait to show them to you! :D

Bling It On! is a silver nail polish with a striking foil effect. It contains silver flakies and gorgeous spectraflair - doesn't that just sound mouth-watering? Hahaha! Anywayyy... I wore it alone, 2 regular coats with top coat of course, and it just looks deluxe! This holographic metallic finish really stands out in the crowd, and I love that about it! :) The two first photos are taken in direct sunlight, and the last in indirect sunlight.

Pay-Day is actually not a glitter polish :) It's a mirror effect nail polish - with real Sterling silver coated flakes. Yet the color to best describe Pay-Day is platinum :) The stunning flakes you see are actually cut finer than standard shredded glitter, so we get a much smoother application. Girls, believe me when I say it's so shiny you almost need sunglasses in order to look directly at it haha! I wore 3 coats and I love how it looks on its own :) I've never seen anything like it before - and I felt everyone I passed in the shopping mall was staring at my nails! Yes of course I just had to show it off to the world! :D

Pay-Day also looks really stunning layered over other colors - I already tried it and I will show it to you on Instagram one of these days! And then I'll edit in the photo somewhere around here afterwards :)

Of course I forgot to mention that I used OPI's glitter-off base coat which allowed me to simply peel Pay-Day off my nails :) Even though it's not glitter based, it acts as though it was - so to protect your nails from soaking in polish remover, I recommend using a peel-off base coat :)

So yeah! I'm as always completely amazed by this girl Yuin Ying :) She makes these nail polishes herself by hand! I'm so so thankful I get to swatch for her :)

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading along, I really appreciate it! :) If you'd like you can leave me a comment here on my blog, Facebook and Instagram - and I'll talk to you soon!

Stay polished!<3

(Products were sent for review)


  1. Beautiful swatches! One question though. Was Pay-Day difficult to remove (like glitter polish)?

    1. Hi dear! I completely forgot to mention how I removed Pay-Day :) I edited in the answer to your question, enhanced with italics, and I hope that it's sufficient :)
      Anyway thank you so much for asking! :) It really helps me to improve when you ask me stuff :)

  2. Bling It On is utterly gorgeous! I love all of F.U.N. Lacquers!

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