Monday, June 9, 2014

F.U.N Lacquer - Summer 2014 Collection (MEGA POST)

Hi everyoneee! Today I'm bringing back F.U.N Lacquer! This is the 7 piece Summer 2014 Collection consisting of holographic lacquers, kind of giving us every color of the rainbow :) There's also such a cute little hidden message for us - the first letter of each nail polish name (except the bonus shade) together creates the word Summer :)

S - Starry Night of the Summer
U - Uniform for Summer: Bikini
M - Margarita Cocktail
M - Mowed Meadow
E - Evening Gown
R - Radiance

Bonus Shade - TGIF

Instead of showing you the nail polishes in that order, I'm going to do it in order of the color spectrum of a rainbow! :) So I'm starting with red and ending with violet - well pink in this case :)

// Please be sure to click the "read more" button below Radiance (or the blog title) to see ALL of these absolutely incredible lacquers! I promise you epicness! You ready? Great! On we go! :) //

Radiance is an apple red linear holo. I'm thinking a true Snow White poisoned apple red! It looks so seductive and dangerous - I love it! The warm undertones radiate Summer, don't you think? ;) This is 2 coats, and as every single F.U.N Lacquer the formula is amazing! :)

TGIF is a golden linear holo with added coppery glitter. This is the bonus shade of the collection :) In the sun it acts like a regular holo, but in the shade it looks almost foil-like! (Check out the 3rd photo for reference) It seems that the combination of spectraflair and fine metallic glitter creates this kind of antique metallized look! I dig it so much! This is 2 coats :)

Margarita Cocktail is a lime juice colored linear holo. Lol lime juice colored? I mean chartreuse - the color between yellow and green! It balances perfectly in between those colors, and I love it! :) Here I'm wearing 3 coats, which makes the green hues look more prominent, but if you want a more yellow appearance, just go with 2 coats :)

Mowed Meadow is a grass green linear holo. The color is really spot-on! Can you see how the color blends in with the grass on my lawn? Well besides the major blingy holographic sparkles haha! I'm wearing 2 coats :)

Starry Night of the Summer is a midnight blue linear holo! What can I say my dears - this one is so beautiful and it's my absolute favorite of the whole collection! It may be my favorite F.U.N Lacquer ever, beating Purple Crocus off the number 1 spot :) The opacity, consistency, drying time and wear time - PERFECT! This is 2 coats :)

Evening Gown is a dark purple linear holo. It's so fabulous and elegant, and the name seems so fitting! :) It does have a small resemblance to Starry Night of the Summer, but as you can see in the photos, the underlying pigments are actually quite different. It gives Evening Gown a more glamorous and warm expression in my opinion. 2 coats! :)

Uniform for Summer: Bikini is a pink linear holo. It's so sweet and flirty, and I love how it makes you look really girly :) I'm not really a girly girl, but when it comes to nail polish, I let it all out! This is a perfect example of that, because I'm in love with it! 2 single coats again :)

WARNING! :) This one stains your nails and your skin. So if you're up for a challenge, this stunning nail polish is a fair choice. Make sure to wear either 2 layers of base coat, or 1 layer of base coat plus 1 layer of fast drying top coat, before you apply this beauty. That should diminish staining to the nails - and if you stain your skin, just use the good old baking soda plus lemon juice technique and scrub away! That did the trick for me :) If you don't want to go through the trouble, then this one's probably not for you :) It will be sold as a limited edition and at a discounted price.

This was yet another swatch-athon from the incredibly charming indie brand F.U.N Lacquer :) I can't say enough how much I adore and admire Yuin Ying, I think she's so awesome and talented - and so so so sweet! I'm really happy to swatch for her :)

F.U.N Lacquer Links // Webstore - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - Twitter

That's it for today my lovely readers! I truly hope you like my review, and thank you so much for reading along - it really means a lot to me :)

See you soon!<3


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  1. I don't think that even more perfect pictures can exist... you're really talented!

    1. Oh stop it sweetie<3 You know I truly think you take some of the best nail photos! :)
      But thank you so much for saying that :) I'm so glad you like them :)

  2. Awesome post, amazingly beautiful photos...just so perfect!

    1. Thank you love! :) It means so much when it comes from you!<3