Monday, May 5, 2014

Polishers Inc. - Something About Me // Blue Matte Chevron

Hi everyoneee! I'm so fricking excited! You guys, a few months ago I was invited by sweet Charlotte to join the most awesome nail art challenge group! We're called Polishers Inc. - because we're a group of addicted polishers, and Polishers Inc. sounds like polishers' ink, which is nail polish of course! ;)

Besides me, our group members are Charlotte ( Karine (Nailderella) Louise (Tips and Topcoat) Maria (rijah) Mina (Cubbiful) Tamit (fall in…naiLove!) Paulina (Paulina’s Passions) YAY!!!

We'll be posting a new nail design to each of our blogs the first Sunday of every month! We share a theme each time, but take our own spin on it, and I just know - I KNOW this will be epic. You definitely have something to look forward to!

Today is the first Sunday of May, and the challenge theme this time is Something About Me. This is probably the hardest theme we had for discussion, but it seemed so perfect as a kind of introductory challenge :)

I chose to recreate, not just a design, but THE design that started it all for me! It was my first real nail art that I posted to Instagram, and the response to it was so overwhelming to me. The fact that other people from around the world liked what I did, it made me really happy! I started doing more of it, and I think I've improved a lot since then! If anyone would like to see the original picture, I'll consider uploading it to this post, but I deleted it from my IG, because the cringe, man! The cringe, haha!

The original mani was done with the turquoise Where's My Chauffeur? by Essie, but this time I wanted to bring a more true Malene-ish color into it! Yeah, you guessed it - BLUE! This is Avenue Maintain also by Essie :) You know my nail art style is quite simplistic! So back then I did, and now I will, do chevrons with only one color - it requires a matte top coat and scotch tape criss-crossing skills :)

I hope you like the photos! Remember to check out the other girls' manis mkay? :)

See you soon!<3



  1. Love-love-love it! Simple, yet so elegant! And I have a thing for the mix of glossy and matte ;)
    I'd like to see the original some day, just to see your improvement - I know how much you can improve in just weeks!

  2. Now I know I simply have to recreate this design! looks amazing!

  3. I love the nail art you do because they're always elegant and wearable in everyday life! I might want to steal your idea cos I just love how it looks!! <3

  4. So gorgeous! Sophisticated and such a ood combo of shapes and textures:)

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