Saturday, May 3, 2014

F.U.N Lacquer - Birthday Collection // 24 Karat Diamond Duo

Hi everyone! :) Today I'm back with the last part of the Birthday Collection by F.U.N Lacquer! The set is the 24 Karat Diamond Duo :) I previously blogged about the Galaxy Duo and Honey Bear Duo from the same release, and in the top of the first post I told you a little bit about the whole collection :)

24 Karat Diamond is a holographic silver glitter polish! The type of glitter used here is of higher quality than standard glitter, so it's supposed to be extremely sparkly! I'm 100% convinced :) This is 3 coats, I think the formula is amazing and the drying time really fast!

24 Karat Diamond (H) is a holographic silver glitter polish with added spectraflair! OMG... I'm in love! When you thought it couldn't get any more sparkly - this happens! :) My first thought was "unicorn poop", because it just looks so magical and supernatural! I don't know about the "poop" part, but when you put that word together with "unicorn" it becomes cute and beautiful - and awesome! Actually anything will if you do that; "unicorn barf", "unicorn farts", "unicorn... I dont know, pee?". Okay, going off on a tangent here - what I'm saying is, that I fricking love this thing, and I will wear it as if it was real diamonds, and bejewel my fingers on special occasions (or going grocery shopping). Again this is 3 coats, I really think the formula is fantastic and the drying time very fast! YAY! :)

This was the last duo of the Birthday Collection, and also the end of this round of a 42 km F.U.N Lacquer swatch-athon! I really am amazed by these nail polishes and this girl Yuin Ying, I can't believe she makes them herself by hand! I'm so grateful I get to swatch for her :)

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That's it for today, my favorite and crazy beautiful readers! I really hope you enjoyed my review, and thanks for reading along :)

See you soon!<3


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  1. Marvellous! Are the brightest I've ever seen glazes. great swatches

    1. Hi dear! Yes they are really crazy bright! :) And thank you so much!<3