Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nail foils // Inspired by Katie Jane Hughes + Prabal Gurung

Hi everyone! Today's design is originally created by Butter London's global color ambassador - makeup artist and manicurist - Ms. Katie Jane Hughes. She's one of the leading ladies in nail artistry, and she's been such a huge source of inspiration to me ever since I started getting into nail fashion. Besides doing ground breaking work on an every day basis, she also travels to various fashion shows and teams up with top designers, where she creates original nail art for their fashion shows. This is particularly relevant to my blog post today, as my nail art is a humble recreation of one of those looks. It's taken from the Prabal Gurung SS14 runway show :) Since the first time I saw it, I just fell in love, and I knew I had to recreate it some day.

▲ How to do this ▲ (YUP without nail glue haha! I couldn't find mine, but I managed anyway)

  1. Prepare by cutting the nail foil into very narrow strips, exceeding the length of your nails.
    I recommend doing double the amount of your nails, referring to step 4.
  2. Put on your base coat and one layer of your favorite nude color.
  3. While the nude color is still tacky, place the strips color-side up, press down gently, and pull off.
  4. If you need to reapply some foil for more color intensity, I found that dapping a bit of clear base coat where needed helps. Just repeat the process, using the extra foil strips you prepared.
  5. Finish off with a top coat, and you're good to go! Easy peasy! :)

The nail art I did is not identical to the original, as I think you can use whatever nail foils you have by hand to get the same sort of effect :) Now if you don't have any foils, you can get them so so so cheap off of - I can't believe they have so much awesome stuff there for close to no money! :) You know, I have great news - I can get y'all a little something something - a HOOK-UP! I got this amazing discount code to give to my sweet and good lookin' readers and followers!

Use the code LSJ61 to receive 10% off on every order you make from :)
Doesn't that just sound awesome!? You can thank me later lol! ;D

The specific products that I used today are the nail foils with the ID #5361 and in the colors #6, #7 and #13. That's the gradient-turquoise, blue and multi-colored foils :)

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Thank you so much for reading along, I truly appreciate it! :) Leave a comment if you'd like, and I'll talk to you soon!<3


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Monday, May 5, 2014

Polishers Inc. - Something About Me // Blue Matte Chevron

Hi everyoneee! I'm so fricking excited! You guys, a few months ago I was invited by sweet Charlotte to join the most awesome nail art challenge group! We're called Polishers Inc. - because we're a group of addicted polishers, and Polishers Inc. sounds like polishers' ink, which is nail polish of course! ;)

Besides me, our group members are Charlotte ( Karine (Nailderella) Louise (Tips and Topcoat) Maria (rijah) Mina (Cubbiful) Tamit (fall in…naiLove!) Paulina (Paulina’s Passions) YAY!!!

We'll be posting a new nail design to each of our blogs the first Sunday of every month! We share a theme each time, but take our own spin on it, and I just know - I KNOW this will be epic. You definitely have something to look forward to!

Today is the first Sunday of May, and the challenge theme this time is Something About Me. This is probably the hardest theme we had for discussion, but it seemed so perfect as a kind of introductory challenge :)

I chose to recreate, not just a design, but THE design that started it all for me! It was my first real nail art that I posted to Instagram, and the response to it was so overwhelming to me. The fact that other people from around the world liked what I did, it made me really happy! I started doing more of it, and I think I've improved a lot since then! If anyone would like to see the original picture, I'll consider uploading it to this post, but I deleted it from my IG, because the cringe, man! The cringe, haha!

The original mani was done with the turquoise Where's My Chauffeur? by Essie, but this time I wanted to bring a more true Malene-ish color into it! Yeah, you guessed it - BLUE! This is Avenue Maintain also by Essie :) You know my nail art style is quite simplistic! So back then I did, and now I will, do chevrons with only one color - it requires a matte top coat and scotch tape criss-crossing skills :)

I hope you like the photos! Remember to check out the other girls' manis mkay? :)

See you soon!<3


Saturday, May 3, 2014

F.U.N Lacquer - Birthday Collection // 24 Karat Diamond Duo

Hi everyone! :) Today I'm back with the last part of the Birthday Collection by F.U.N Lacquer! The set is the 24 Karat Diamond Duo :) I previously blogged about the Galaxy Duo and Honey Bear Duo from the same release, and in the top of the first post I told you a little bit about the whole collection :)

24 Karat Diamond is a holographic silver glitter polish! The type of glitter used here is of higher quality than standard glitter, so it's supposed to be extremely sparkly! I'm 100% convinced :) This is 3 coats, I think the formula is amazing and the drying time really fast!

24 Karat Diamond (H) is a holographic silver glitter polish with added spectraflair! OMG... I'm in love! When you thought it couldn't get any more sparkly - this happens! :) My first thought was "unicorn poop", because it just looks so magical and supernatural! I don't know about the "poop" part, but when you put that word together with "unicorn" it becomes cute and beautiful - and awesome! Actually anything will if you do that; "unicorn barf", "unicorn farts", "unicorn... I dont know, pee?". Okay, going off on a tangent here - what I'm saying is, that I fricking love this thing, and I will wear it as if it was real diamonds, and bejewel my fingers on special occasions (or going grocery shopping). Again this is 3 coats, I really think the formula is fantastic and the drying time very fast! YAY! :)

This was the last duo of the Birthday Collection, and also the end of this round of a 42 km F.U.N Lacquer swatch-athon! I really am amazed by these nail polishes and this girl Yuin Ying, I can't believe she makes them herself by hand! I'm so grateful I get to swatch for her :)

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That's it for today, my favorite and crazy beautiful readers! I really hope you enjoyed my review, and thanks for reading along :)

See you soon!<3


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