Thursday, April 24, 2014

F.U.N Lacquer - Birthday Collection // Galaxy Duo

Hi everyone! :) Today I'll be showing you yet another brand spanking new release from the Singapore based indie brand F.U.N Lacquer! I have previously blogged about the Spring 2014 Collection and the incredible thermal 4 Seasons Collection - Part 1 & Part 2! Go check them out if you missed them :)

This release is called the Birthday Collection - created for the special occasion of the F.U.N Lacquer creator Yuin Ying's birthday :) It consists of 6 nail polishes, 3 duos to be exact - there are 3 different beautiful lacquers each in a glitter version and a glitter-holo version - all of them suspended in a clear base. The main glitter used in all of the polishes is already holographic, but the added holo is actually the amazing spectraflair pigment, and it just adds even more party to the bottle! So guys, get ready for a ravishing celebration of glitter-mazing proportions ;)

Galaxy is a medium-dark purple holographic glitter polish, suspended in a clear base. The glitter really sparkles like stars in the galaxy! This type of glitter used here is apparently of higher quality than standard glitter, so it's supposed to be much more shimmery than usual! I definitely think there's some crazy twinkle going on :) I made do with 3 coats, formula was excellent and the drying time is super fast!

Galaxy (H) is almost completely identical to Galaxy - the difference only being the added holo spectraflair pigment. Do you see the incredible difference? The now more eye-catching prismatic effect is so fricking cool! I love how a simple addition of something can create such a unique spin on an already beautiful thing :) The extreme light reflecting properties of the spectraflair makes the lacquer seem more light than the original, and the base more opaque. Formula, application and drying time was completely the same as Galaxy - 3 coats, excellent and super fast! :)

NOTE: I'm in awe. I didn't realize until now that these polishes are actually "toppers" and meant for layering on top of other colors! So while I'm feeling quite embarrassed, I just have to admit that I overlooked that fact, BUT how amazing is it, that that could even happen? These lacquers are so potent that I just thought of them as regular glitter polishes! You know what - hells yeah, I'm going to wear them all on their own :D

Anyway! This was the first of out of three glitter/holo duos from the Birthday Collection! The rest will be up in a few days :) Until the 25th of April, use the code BIRTHDAY2014 to get 24% off on all items on the F.U.N Lacquer website! :)

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That was it for today, my oooh so sweet readers! I sincerely hope you enjoyed my review, and thanks for reading along :)

See you soon!<3


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  1. Your pictures are OH so nice... It's a delightful moment to read your blog posts!