Thursday, April 17, 2014

F.U.N Lacquer - 4 Seasons Collection // Part 2

Hi everyone! :) Yes! Today I'm back again with even. more. fabulousness. from the Singapore based indie brand F.U.N Lacquer! Friday I blogged about two amazingly beautiful nail polishes from the 4 Seasons Collection - Purple Crocus & Fall to Winter! The collection consists of 4 thermal nail polishes assigned to each season of the year, and I split the collection into 2 parts, so in this post I'll be reviewing the last two polishes; Sandcastle & Do You Be-Leaf in Magic.

Sandcastle (Summer) is an orange thermal polish with wonderful gold shimmer. It turns from a light sandy orange color when warm, to a really bright and intense orange, with incredible sparkles when cold. This is my second favorite of the collection, with number 1 being Purple Crocus - because again, I love when the color shift is so strong, and all the billion hues in between cold and warm are fantastic as well! The formula was surprisingly easy to work with - compared to cremes of the same color - and it only needs 2 coats :)

Am I the only one who thinks the cold version of it looks like slush-ice? :) I want to drink it, and I bet it would taste like... orange :D (See what I did there?)

Do You Be-Leaf in Magic (Fall) is a green thermal polish with slight duochrome properties.

First, can I just say how much I love this name!? It speaks to me and you might as well know now, that I'm a complete sucker for puns, and when done right, I crack up and can't stop laughing :D Anyway!

The base color changes from a very special peridot-like olive gold hue when warm, into a lovely medium-dark green when cold. In the cold state, I did indeed see the duochrome shift - at some angles the gold shimmer was super prominent and at other angles, the surface turned nearly forest green with a teal sheen! So beautiful! Again again, the formula was great and 2 coats was sufficient! :)

(I wasn't able to get a solo-shot of the duochrome - I'm so sorry about that! But believe me, it's there! Yet if you look closely, just above the reflective lights in the 'cold picture', you can actually see a hint of the teal sheen ^_^)

This was the last part of the 4 Seasons Collection, and if you missed Part 1 go on and check it out dude! :)

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That was it for today my pretty and handsome readers! I most truly hope you enjoyed my review, and thank you so much for reading along :)

See you soon!<3


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