Friday, March 21, 2014

Picture Polish - Darcy

Hello everyone :) Today I found the true meaning of love! I'm so lucky - I get to review this new shade called Darcy from Picture Polish! It will be released along with to other shades; Lizzie and Bridget. Any bells ringing, girls? Please tell me you know where the names are from ;) Pride & Prejudice and Bridget Jones's Diary. After meeting this Mr. Darcy, I totally get why Lizzie and Bridget were so hung up on each of their Mr. Darcy's ;)

Darcy is an opaque black with scattered holographic flecks. I'm wearing 2 thin coats, and the coverage is just perfect. The formula is so amazing, and it makes for such an easy application! The result is unbelievably shiny and it's completely smooth to the touch - even without top coat - because the holo isn't regular glitter. Check out the photos! :)

It was truly love at first sight, and this is my favorite black now! These "scatter-holo" lacquers are my favorite from the Picture Polish range, I just think they're so unique and modern! But to be honest, I feel like anything these girls touch just turns out to be original and simply beautiful! I have previously reviewed Freya's Cats and O'Hara, which both have the perfect scatter-holo formula.

Anyway, the thing that's happening right now is that Picture Polish is re-releasing some popular shades from the discontinued brand Ozotic, under the Picture Polish label! YAY right?! I'm so excited! The first three are Lizzie (606), Bridget (621) and Darcy (623), and they'll be available for purchase on the Picture Polish web store from Monday 31st March 2014. I sooo have to get my hands on Lizzie and Bridget too :) I bet they're just as magnificent as Darcy.

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See you soon!<3


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  1. What a lovely polish. This reminds me of PP's Starry Night, but this one seems to not have as much holo. A bit more subdued and elegant. I am drooling over your nails!

    1. Yes it does resemble Starry Night quite a lot! Starry Night is described as a charcoal color, where this one is plain out black :) Because of the potency of the blackness it perhaps seems like it has less holo :) And thanks for drooling! Uhhhm, haha - I don't think I've actually said that before to anyone! :P

  2. I can't get enough of your photos! And just that little shot of your hair is pretty too. Your nail length makes everything look so amazing.