Friday, March 28, 2014

Holographic Triangles // Nail Art

Hi everyoneee! You ready for some nail art? It's been quite a while, hasn't it? For the nude base I mixed 2 shades; OPI My vampire is buff and Chanel Ballerina #167 :) The holographic hexagon glitter is from :) My color is #1.

Because I LOVE YOU you get 10% off with my discount code LSJ61 ;) Now if I actually had my YouTube channel up and running already, I could have filmed a tutorial for this look! But don't worry, it's something i really really want, so I will - SOON! That means right now you'll have to make do with these photos :)

Again you can get these holographic hexagon glitters from :) The item ID is #785 and the color is #1 - and get 10% off with my discount code LSJ61 ;) They offer FREE shipping worldwide, so you can really score some cheap beautiful nail art supplies there!

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That was it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading along :)

See you soon!<3


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  1. Perfect glitter placement, seriously! I don't know if I could handle videos.. your photos already leave me breathless! Can't wait to see!

    1. Haha couldn't handle it, girl of course you could! I have no experience whatsoever with filmmaking, so it will most likely be a big fail to begin with x)