Friday, March 7, 2014

Dior - Perlé #187

Hello my people! I'm back with another stunner from Dior - also from the Dior Trianon Spring 2014 Collection! This is Perlé #187, a gorrrrrrrrgeous shimmery "special effect" top coat. I see pink, magenta and violet sparks in a dusty, rosey/mauve-ish pearlescent base. This will make your nubbins look like delicate pearls ^_^

On my right hand I'm wearing 3 coats of Perlé, and on my left hand 3 coats of Porcelaine with 1 generous coat of Perlé on top. I had to opt for a third coat of Porcelaine, because Perlé wouldn't be able to cover the minor patches from 2 coats. That gives you an idea of how transparent Perlé is - it is 100% a top coat, or if you're a rebel like me... you can indeed wear it on its own. Hello - crime rider here! :D Being a top coat, it doesn't call for an additional layer of regular top coat - okay you'd guess that was rather obvious! But it dries to a matte finish, so if you want your nails to be all shiny and stuff, you will have to add yet another layer. I'd recommend a very thin top coat, as it now will be a very chunky manicure you've got going on. I chose to let Perlé "shine" on its own, and of course on top of Porcelaine, so that's what you'll see today.

Before we move on the photos, I want to inform that the drying time of Perlé is really long. It remains rather mushy for a while, depending on how many coats of polish you have underneath it of course, so be careful not to dent it and smudge it for at least 30 minutes or so. It's a bit annoying, but the effect is just completely worth it! So I'm happy! :) Okay, photos~

I feel like Dior is killing it with their effect polishes! I love Rock Coat, Nail Glow and now this! I really wish Chanel would do this again soon - I recently purchased Azur #465 which is also an effect polish, and it was released also in the Spring, in the Aurora Blues Spring 2008 Collection. There also was the Tokyo Happening Collection in 2009 with the 4 micro glitter polishes Blue Wish #387, Lune D’Argent #397, Rose Libellule #407 and Galactic Touch #417. Then came Illusion D'Or #450 in 2010... Did I miss some between 2010 and now? I know there's been lots of others before 2008, I just had to start somewhere that isn't so long ago that only Chanel-addicts would know. But feel free to remind me :) Anyway, I miss and I crave some new crazy limited edition polishes from Chanel <3

I know this sounds painfully ridiculous, but I've always wanted to have my own valediction, or closing - you know what I mean? And now that I have a blog, it would be so awesome to just try and make one :) A lot of people, especially on youtube, say "stay awesome" at the end of their videos, so I guess it's okay to use something that is rather obvious or just pretty common! I've been stealing Ron Burgundy's "stay classy" for some time, but I think I know now what I'd like to say :) Stay polished! Right? Get it? Because polished, wearing nail polish, you're polished, yes? No? I don't care! >:D I haven't noticed any other nail girls or beauty girls using it, but that doesn't really matter either. I feel like it fits me mkay? Maybe in a week or so I'll hate it haha... Let's see :) But that's all for now girls and gents!

Stay polished! <3
(It totally works, right?)


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