Monday, January 27, 2014

Chanel - Rouge Rubis #677

Hi everyone :) I hope you all had a nice weekend, possibly filled with lots of nail artistry! Today I have another swatch for you, and I just had to put it on the blog before anything else, because it's so freaking amazing! I'm talking about Chanel's recent nail polish shade for the Holiday/Winter 2013 Collection Nuit Infinie de Chanel - Rouge Rubis #677. It's a crelly, a true red, which means it doesn't lean pink nor orange, just red! It may be described as being bright, but I'd rather say that it's super saturated! I made a comparison to other red cremes/crellies from Chanel that I own, and there you'll se exactly how 'true' the redness of Rouge Rubis indeed is. First I can tell you that the consistency was unbelievably great. It was so smooth and shiny from the first layer to the last - I used 2 coats and the top coat this time was Chanel's own Laque Brillance Extrême. Final judgement below the photos :)

When you're working with a Chanel polish you know you get the crème de la crème of lacquers. In the luxury high-end lacquer category this is absolutely my favorite brand. I love everything about Chanel nail polishes - the innovative shades, new ones, old ones, the formula, the bottle, and so on! Then again I've only tried 3 luxury brands; Chanel being the first, then Dior and YSL. I'm really dying to try Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Guerlain! Have anyone of you tried those brands, and what do you think about them? Comment below or on Instagram @nailescapades :)

See you soon, guys!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dior / Diorific - Minuit #995

Hi everyone! I'm back today with Dior's stunning nail polish Minuit #995 :) It was released alongside Winter #128 which I reviewed last week, in the Dior Diorific Golden Winter Holiday Collection. Minuit is a deep burgundy shimmer - the base is maroon-red with purple undertones, and it's full of gold and red glimmering flecks. The gold pieces really add dimension to this dark polish, contrasting the purplish hues, and I think that's what makes it so eye-catching. I'd say it has a jelly formula, as with 2 coats it was still a bit see-through, so for once I actually went with 3 coats! :) As I wore my ol' trusty base coat, there was no staining at all, no problemo. Maybe you could skip wearing top coat because of the super glossy finish, but I personally always wear both base and top coat! :) Final verdict below the photos :)

Pretty gorgeous if you ask me! It was the first from this collection to be sold out everywhere in my town, and I can't say I'm surprised :) This is without a doubt a nail polish I can use all year round, when I want to vamp it up or just be ultra glamorous for a night. Or day. It really wouldn't matter to me, because it's so beautiful!

I'm sorry about the image quality, I tried to edit some of the discoloration before blurring out the edges to make the photos look more natural! At the moment I'm trying to gather some info on how to get a great indoor photo/light setup. I know other bloggers struggle with this, so maybe I should ask them what they've found out so far. Someone on Instagram mentioned something called an ott light. Ugh, it sucks sitting around all day waiting for the sun, and when it's finally up it's so vague and dull because it's winter. First world problems! :D

Anyway I hope you're all doing well! Always feel free to drop a comment here or write to me on Instagram @nailescapades :)

See you soon<3


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dior / Diorific - Winter #128

Hi guys! Fancy more icy and snowy wonderfulness? :) Today you'll see the beautiful Dior nail polish Winter #128 from the Diorific Golden Winter Holiday 2013 Collection. It's a mix of sparkly pink, gold and silver flecks in a white pearlescent sheer base. It really seems to capture the glistening snow-like winter theme fittingly ;)

In the first two photos I'm wearing 2 coats of it on its own - it's pretty see through, but I actually like it! The sweetness and innocence to it is really cute :) The last three photos show how 2 coats of Winter looks layered over 2 coats of OPI My vampire is buff. My vampire is buff is a very light nude creme, and the reason I chose it for the layering was that this combination of colors bears a very close resemblance to what Winter literally looks like in the bottle :)

Winter is a pretty adorable and elegant lacquer, and I can't wait to try and layer it over other colors :) By the way, I also have the gorgeous Minuit #995 from the same collection - and that, ladies and gents, will be up any day soon :)

See you around lovely people<3


Glacier Nail Art for Maoya

Hi guys! Hope you all had a nice holiday! I did :) There are lots of things I'm grateful for that have happened in 2013, and I'd just like to say thanks for a great year and I hope 2014 will be super as well! So everyone - let's all just say this together, wait come on, form a circle, gather your hands, shout it out loud:


In case you don't follow me on Instagram @nailescapades - you might have missed that I recently did a guest post for the sweetest Orane over at :)

You seriously have to check her out if you're into trendsetting nail art! She's incredibly talented, and she does some wicked mix & match nail designs! :) The look I created for the guest post was inspired by ice glaciers, and if you want to know how to do it or just see the photos, head on over to her blog :)

A new post featuring Dior Winter #128 will be up here on my blog tonight :)

See ya dearlings<3