Sunday, December 1, 2013

Picture Polish - Freya's Cats // Snowflake Nail Art

Hello nail polish lovers :) How are you? Today is the first day of December and I can't believe it - it totally got me by surprise this year! I feel like I've been super busy with a lot of stuff so I didn't even realize winter was sneaking up on all of us. Though after eating a lot of chocolate Santa's and homemade Christmas cookies I'm handling it way better! ;)

Today I'm showing you a sparkly gem from the lovely nail polish brand Picture Polish, and the name of it is Freya's Cats :) This is also a collaboration shade, and it was made together with Sasha aka Nihrida. It's a striking blue with scattered holographic shimmer and micro-flakes. The base is quite jellylike but it still gives great coverage :) I opted for 2 coats and it was enough for me. The scattered holo shimmer is incredibly beautiful and when you add those micro-flakes to the mixture, two things happen - it makes the polish seem crazy deep, yet keeping the vibrancy of the blue base, and it makes it really pop with all those sparkles. After I applied my top coat I noticed that at times it actually looked three-dimensional :) This was when I became inspired to do nail art. Studying this beautiful nail polish, I found myself imagining a blissful winter's day, in the afternoon when the darkening sky draws on the last sunshine of the day, and then very slowly snow starts falling. Delicately, glistening, the snowflakes fill the sky, and you know winter's here. Pure poetry, huh? :D Okay, cheesyness aside - I chose to do some wicked snowflake nail art! The design is of course hand painted by me :) Scroll down to check out the photos and read the final words ;)

This polish was my personal choice among the ones Picture Polish sent me, and thereby the polish to which I had the greatest expectations. Gawd, it is FLAWLESS. It hasn't let me down in any way, so as much as I wan't to give constructive criticism, there's absolutely nothing to say. Buy this if you can! :)

As I mentioned in my previous post, Picture Polish is an Australian independently owned boutique nail polish brand, created by two fantastic girls. The lacquers are 3-free and cruelty free. Try them if you're into chic and quirky nail polish. They are the best :)

Picture Polish Links // Webstore - Retailers - Facebook - Instagram

Aaaaand, I hope you liked my nail art! I want to do more, but it's so time consuming as I'm a beginner and it takes me forever to finish. Practice makes perfect though, right?

See you soon!<3


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  1. Malene you must do a tutorial for these flawless snowflakes! I am in love with them! Beautiful swatches, hand poses, and art as always.

  2. Love your manicure ! And the snowflakes, you hand-painted them ! They are just perfect ^^