Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Picture Polish - Aphrodisiac

Hi guys! Sorry for being absent lately! :) Yes, one of the perks of this magical winter season finally hit me - I've had the flu with a fever and what not ;) I'm well now, and that means I've got things, lots of things, to catch up on :) So let's get started! ;)

The turn has come to Aphrodisiac by Picture Polish. This is a vampy dark purple shimmer. It just looks really slick and reminds me of pure silk. There is definitely this something about it that screams luxury, and...sexiness? The name certainly fits the polish :) Formula wise it's as smooth as it looks. Sure you can get away with only 1 coat, but I usually go for 2 coats with any polish no matter what. The final verdict and more info after the photos ;)

First when I saw this polish I noted how deliciously vampy it looked. I was afraid though that it would seem too black on the nail, not allowing the purple shimmer to shine through. Whether it's under outdoor or indoor lighting, the glowing properties really show, and you're almost spellbound. When light doesn't ignite the fire that does indeed lie within this polish, it looks super stylish and high fashion.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Picture Polish is an Australian independently owned boutique nail polish brand, created by two fantastic girls. The lacquers are 3-free and cruelty free. Try them if you're into chic and quirky nail polish. They are the best :)

Picture Polish Links // Webstore - Network - Facebook - Instagram

See you soon!<3


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