Monday, October 28, 2013

Chanel - Kaleidoscope #479

Hi everyone! Today I'm all about showing you the wondrously beautiful nail polish Kaleidoscope #479. It was released along with Gold Fiction and Fantastic #481 in Chanel's Golden Child Collection for Fall 2008 :) Kaleidoscope is a shimmery green gold metallic, and it leans towards antique silver and pewter depending on light. The formula reminds me a bit about Peridot, and it's awesome. I'm wearing just 2 coats of Kaleidoscope here, the base coat is from Butter London and the top coat is Chanel's own Laque Brillance Extrême.

Gorgeousness, right? The only thing I have to say about the photos is, that the shimmer and shine is so more rad in real life. Somehow the glittery amazingness wouldn't show 100%, and that's of course because I'm a noob and just started using my newly purchased DSLR camera! :) It's so nice - it's a Canon EOS 600D, and I'm in love. All I have to do now is just learn how to work it :) It shouldn't be too hard to figure out though ;)

 Stay classy!
 (Yes, I stole that line from Anchorman! :D)


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  1. It's truly beautiful Malene, and congrats on your new camera!