Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WellNails - Blue French Horn

Hi again my lovely readers! Today on the blog I'm featuring this beautiful lacquer, again from the brilliant indie nail polish brand WellNails, founded by the genius Charlotte, who's also behind the indie brand Foxy Paws. The original name of this polish is Sort of Looks like a Smurf Penis, but it has an alternate name for the shy ones out there, which is Blue French Horn :) It's a true royal blue jelly with beautiful holographic glitter in varying shades of blue. The glitter comes in 4 different sizes, and distributes easily and evenly on your nails throughout the application. I used 3 regular coats of polish, so yeah, this time I was really in the mood for glitter! As I always say, use your base coat and top coat, ladies and gents - those are not optional, haha!<3 At least if you want to protect your natural nails and increase the longevity of all of your beautiful manicures. Trivia, thoughts and buying info after the photos.

Cheesy-cheesyness alert! FYI (for your info) in this last photo, I used a light-enhancing filter, to show my kind of aesthetic expression and interpretation of the lacquer. The depth and beauty simply does not show with my iPhone-camera being my source of picture taking. So to do it justice I had to do this :) Oh self-irony, where have you been? It strikes again! ;)

Is it clear by now, that I'm into the tv-series How I met your mother? And is it clear that I love these nail polishes inspired by it? If you're a jelly fan in general, then I highly recommend you try this. Also if you're not though :) I actually had four people asking me what polish I was wearing - one said "Is it a new Chanel?". I'm not lying girls and boys, it really happened. Obviously I was so sad when I had to remove it, but happy again to try out my favorite polish of the five I received from lovely Ms. Charlotte :) It's a Foxy Paws polish, and I wont reveal to you yet which one, mwahaha. But If you follow me on Instagram, you'll be the first to know! My account is of course @nailescapades :) So check in frequently PLUS I'm soon having a follower appreciation giveaway!<3

Anyway! Here's a screenshot from the original Blue French Horn scene:

WellNails - Blue French Horn is available at www.foxyfingertips.dk :) Stay tuned for exclusive news from WellNails at www.facebook.com/WellNailsVarnish. If you'd like to see what Foxy Paws is all about, then go have a look at the facebook page at www.facebook.com/FoxyPawsPolish :)

Love and kisses!


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