Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WellNails - Nothing But The Funk

Hey everyone! Long time no see huh? I've had some trouble with my nails breaking for a while, but I'm so happy that they've finally grown out nicely :) While having a small break (pun very much intended) the time in nail polish land hasn't stood still! I've been doing a lot of thinking and of course hoarded polish like crazy! Also, I passed 2000 followers on Instagram! Holy macarena! I'm just so thankful. I never in my life would've imagined 2000 people would be interested in something I really like doing :) So listen lovelings! I will be doing a giveaway for you very soon on Instagram! My username is @nailescapades :)

Today I'm showing you this really fun nail polish Nothing But The Funk from the Danish indie brand WellNails. It’s a strong purple jelly with neon yellow hexaglitter in two sizes. For my manicure I layered 2 coats of it over Bond With Whomever from Essie - this way you get a more light and bright look. If you want a more packed, glitter-heavy look you can wear it on its own. 3 or 4 coats should be more than enough :) As always, use base coat to protect your nails and add top coat to make the mani last longer. Application was very nice - easier than I first thought, and the glitter payoff was generous. With this polish though, I actually wanted a little less glitter on my nails - I know! You can NEVER have too much glitter. But I just thought it would look even cuter that way. And it was quite easy to apply less glitter :) Glitter-mazing! Fun facts and stuff below the photos! :)

I love these ‘How I met your mother’ inspired lacquers, especially because I myself am a huge fan of Himym! This one is hilarious - do you remember Marshall has an all-lawyer funk band? It’s called 'The Funk, The Whole Funk and Nothing But The Funk'. Now, do you also remember what kind of unique accessory he was wearing, being the lead singer? Let me enlighten you; a tall purple and yellow striped hat. Check out the short video clip of it here:


WellNails - Nothing But The Funk is available on :) Check out WellNails at - and also Foxy Paws at for news and other cool things! :)


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