Monday, July 1, 2013

Sally Hansen - Palm Treat

Hello beauties! So this is my first time trying a Sally Hansen nail polish, and I'm glad I finally got to do it. I fell in love with this color as soon I saw it in-store, but somehow I forgot about it...'til now! ;) Palm Treat is 1 out of 8 nail polishes from the summer 2013 Exotica Collection in the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line. It's a gorgeous light green creme with hints of lime to it and, no kidding now, I speak from experience okay - Danish Iceberg lettuce. Oh and notice how the raindrops on my window are reflected in my top coat. I think here it's kinda cute! More info below ze photos.

The color is amazing I must say, and it's totally unique in my nail polish collection. It does require 3 coats as it is a bit sheer. The brush was quite big too, but the formula matched it perfectly, so in the end application actually went smoothly! No problems indeed :) And that's all for today people - thank you so much for reading, it melts my heart you know! See ya lovelies!