Friday, July 12, 2013

Ice Cream Nails

Hello darlings! Today I want to show you these cute and yummy lookin' ice cream nails - with sprinkles! It's a look that I created for this month's nail art challenge #nailartjuly by Instagram user and nail magician @californails :) For each finger I started out with a layer of Nail Glow by Dior, replacing my usual base coat, and to matte-ify them for a natural finish I used 1 coat of Matte About You by Essie.

Pinky // June by Chanel - delicious orange sorbet!
Ring finger // Jasper by Butter London - nummy banana froyo!
Middle finger // Strawberry Milkshake by Ciaté - sweet strawberry gelato!
Index finger // Palm Treat by Sally Hansen - piquant pistachio ice cream!

I drew on sprinkles with a tiny customized nail art brush, using acrylic paint to get the exact colors that I wanted. As a finishing touch I applied top coat only on to the ice cream, to make it look somewhat realistic and also to further amplify the contrast to my matte natural nails. Enjoy the photos - and please remember they're not edible! ;) They do look YUMMY though, right?

These were really fun to make, so it won't be long until I try something like this again! That was just a little heads up for ya ;) I can't say this enough - thank you so much for reading! I appreciate it with all my heart. See you<3



  1. Tror jeg bliver nødt til at anskaffe mig Dior Glow.. havde afskrevet den, men det er nu meget rart at kunne smide den på i det sjældne tilfælde at man har nøgne negle :D Hvor er det i øvrigt pænt... og meget indbydende at spise :D Håber du kom igennem dagen med neglene i behold :D

    1. Klarede det kun lige - jeg var ikke den eneste, der havde lyst til at spise dem ;D

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