Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dior - Paradise #558

Hello tout le monde! Look what I found in the sale section last weekend; Paradise 558 from Dior - in a lovely duo pack together with the classic Dior Glossy Top Coat! Alongside Aloha 638, Paradise was released in the Dior Electric Tropics Collection for Summer 2011. I didn't even notice until I got home, that it said "fluorescent" on the box, so I quickly unwrapped it and put in on - wow! This is my first neon nail polish, and I'm really digging it! I so need more neon in my life :) Literally and metaphorically speaking haha. Paradise is kind of a chameleon. Tested on white paper, it looks like a pink highlighter marker pen, but on my bare nails it warms up to a coral orange, which is why I'll be showing you how it looks with and without a white base (OPI Alpine Snow). I used 3 layers of Paradise in both cases, before applying the included top coat. The drying time of both of the Dior's was extraordinarily fast! Formula wise, Paradise was jelly-liciously great, and more manageable than I expected. Why? Read below les photos.

On its own

On its own

On top of white
As I've read a lot of reviews of the Essie and China Glaze neon collections I knew there had been some trouble with coverage, patching and runny-ness. In the first 2 photos, where I'm wearing Paradise on its own, I really wanted to see its true color and potential. Besides that, I think jellies look really adorable when you can slightly spot some VNL (visible nail line) and that's just charming to me. Then in the last photo, I'm wearing it on top of 2 layers of OPI - Alpine Snow, and yup! - I knew a white base would boost the neon a bit, and the pink color tones show much better :) Bottom line - Dior crushed it to perfection! I'm starting to love Dior more and more. Chanel is still my absolute favorite, no need to worry! ;) Okay - that's it for today! Over and out guys, see yaaa!



  1. It's no secret, I'm a huge Dior lover and I absolutely adore this polish! It's so pretty and you can really see it's neon on your pictures! I also think it looks better this way than over white (but maybe I'm wrong ;) )

    1. Hi!<3 Well...haha. My curiosity got the best of me, so I had to update the blog post with a photo of it over white :) I honestly don't know which look I prefer :)