Friday, July 5, 2013


Hello everyone! Today I'm going to share a little secret :) A while back I entered my first nail art competition ever. It was hosted by the lovely Bé from Vernis en Folie, and the theme was "Cosmos". She also had another one called "Aquarius". The deadline was monday June 24, and I only found out about the competition on Saturday, two days before. As my confidence is nonexistent, I immediately thought no, no way I can do this, I'll be an embarrassment. Sunday afternoon, inspiration struck me, and I just couldn't help it - I started painting. After photographing my nails, I tried to write down my inspiration, it just kept flowing, but I had to make it short. Here's the abridged version, of course in artistic italics - self-irony accomplished, yay:

The inspiration for my nail design is simple, but in a way also a bit complex. Cosmos is everything around us, but we visualize space when we think of it. Trying to capture our subjective and unique perception of it, one way or another, it's hard to understand. We must see the beauty of the cosmos to be happy, to be inspired. To remind myself and hopefully others too, I wanted to create "cosmos" on my nails, and with my own personal twist (I love designs with triangles) I think I made it work.

Cheesy, corny, cliché - my inner troll is seriously tormenting me now that I'm reading this again haha! Anyway, part of the jury consisted of Bé from Vernis en Folie and her facebook followers, because she uploaded every contestant's photo to facebook. The other part was announced along with the winners today - it was Camille from and a friend, Stéphanie from De Tout et De Rien, Pauline from Souchka and Bé's husband. OMG right?! Fantastic jury!!! I was the runner up - what a shock!!! I never thought I'd come that far, holy ****! I'm jumping, dancing and smiling - I can't believe all of those gorgeous ladies (and guy, haha) have seen my picture! What an amazing experience :) It certainly proved my nonexistent confidence wrong. Thanks to you Bé! 

To see the winner of my category click here or here

I'm still so happy - I can't believe I was number 2 :)

Thanks for reading lovelings! See yaaa :)



  1. congrats! you deserve it! your mani is just gorgeous and your photos perfect!!

    1. Thanks! I'm really glad you think so :) and I'm just so happy that you comment on my blog posts :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the blue & white combination, such a classy way to do galaxy nails.

    Kim |

    1. Thanks! I love galaxy nails, so I just really wanted to do something different with the classic design :)