Sunday, July 28, 2013

Foxy Paws - Well Holo, Dolly!

Hello foxy ladies and gents! Today I present to you Well Holo, Dolly! from the Danish indie nail polish brand Foxy Paws. It's a part of the new Holo, Dolly! Collection launching online this monday, July 29. Well Holo, Dolly! is a wonderful pink holographic polish. In the shade it's beautifully deep and already a bit vibrant, but still maintaining a rather soft appearance. Sun + Well Holo, Dolly! = electric shock. It's like you actually see the electricity pulsate beneath the very surface of the lacquer. With every move you make, this bluish purple wave of energy shifts and electrocutes a zillion holographic particles. Beautiful, beautiful! Wait 'til you see the pics ;) Formula wise it's awesome, it just took 2 generous coats, of course between my regular base and top coat. It doesn't require a specific aqua base coat, so no extra costs there! Top coat doesn't decrease the gorgeous holo either :) Conclusion and buying info after ze photos!

Outside in direct sunlight

Outside in direct sunlight

Inside in the shadow

Outside in direct sunlight

Before The Parade Passes By

This polish is absolutely stunning! Would you just look at that holo! It's quite more electric and noisy than Before The Parade Passes By, and obviously more party :) So depending on what you're looking for in a holographic lacquer, the choice is yours. Of course, if you ask me, I'd say both ;) The world of indie nail polish is still new to me, and so far, I'm impressed. I truly recommend this brand Foxy Paws - and remember, all of their polishes are 4-free, cruelty free and handmade in Denmark, with love! ;) Sounds great, right? :) So what're you waiting for?

Foxy Paws - Well Holo, Dolly! and Before The Parade Passes By are available from monday July 29 on :) Also check out Foxy Paws on facebook at for news and other cool stuff! I've still got some more nail polishes up my sleeve from Foxy Paws and WellNails, so you better stick around! ;) WellNails is, like Foxy Paws, an indie nail polish brand launched by the talented and sweet Charlotte. Coming up soon okay peoples! For exclusive sneak peeks and such, go follow me on Instagram! My username is @nailescapades - Hint: Next photo on my Instagram feed will be "Funky"! That's it for today! :) See youuu!


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Foxy Paws - Before The Parade Passes By

Hello lovely people! I'm so excited today to show you this brand new polish from the Danish indie brand Foxy Paws. It's called Before The Parade Passes By, and it's a part of the new Holo, Dolly! Collection. Before The Parade Passes By is a sky blue holographic lacquer. In the shade it's so elegant with a very delicate shimmer and glow, and as soon as the sun meets the surface it just transforms into this amazing holographic glitter ball. The formula is really nice, it only took 3 thin coats on top of my regular OPI Nail Envy base coat (it doesn't require an aqua base - yay!). You could definitely wear it without a top coat, but I just put on Chanel's Extreme Shine top coat like I use to, as it doesn't reduce the holo effect. Speaking of Chanel - the brush that came with this reminds me so much of Chanel's nail polish brushes, and luckily they're my favorite. You get that extra bit of control during application, which lacks with much bigger brushes.

I have to admit that this is my first time trying out indie polish. I know right? About time! :) I'm so impressed - I can't believe that this cool Danish chick made these! Like a friend of mine said; it's crazy how indie polishes can be better than store brands and such - she's so right! I put on Before The Parade Passes By on saturday around lunch, and today tuesday, there's not even a single chip. I haven't reapplied top coat plus it survived shampooing. I don't think I've ever experienced that with any Essie or OPI. I only have with Chanel and Dior! And now this! :) Okay, on to the photos! These first 2 are taken inside in the shadow, and the rest outside in direct sunlight. I bet you can tell the difference yourself anyway though ;) Read on below les photos for the final verdict and buying information! :)

Inside in the shadow
Inside in the shadow
Outside in direct sunlight
Outside in direct sunlight
Outside in direct sunlight
It's like a whole new world (resisting the urge to sing) has opened up to me! Indie polish, aww yeah! I'm so ready for more! And guys, sorry about the long post, but this was a "first" to me, so deal with it okay? Haha. Anyway! I highly recommend you check out this brand, especially if you're into long lasting nail polish that is unique, handmade and 4-free, which means free from DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin - and never tested on animals.

Foxy Paws - Before The Parade Passes By is available on next week which is from monday July 29. Check out Foxy Paws on facebook at! I'm looking super duper forward to trying out more of the nail polishes I received from Foxy Paws and WellNails. WellNails is, like Foxy Paws, an indie brand launched by the amazing Charlotte. You'll see what that's about very soon here on my blog. Until then guys! See ya!


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dior - Paradise #558

Hello tout le monde! Look what I found in the sale section last weekend; Paradise 558 from Dior - in a lovely duo pack together with the classic Dior Glossy Top Coat! Alongside Aloha 638, Paradise was released in the Dior Electric Tropics Collection for Summer 2011. I didn't even notice until I got home, that it said "fluorescent" on the box, so I quickly unwrapped it and put in on - wow! This is my first neon nail polish, and I'm really digging it! I so need more neon in my life :) Literally and metaphorically speaking haha. Paradise is kind of a chameleon. Tested on white paper, it looks like a pink highlighter marker pen, but on my bare nails it warms up to a coral orange, which is why I'll be showing you how it looks with and without a white base (OPI Alpine Snow). I used 3 layers of Paradise in both cases, before applying the included top coat. The drying time of both of the Dior's was extraordinarily fast! Formula wise, Paradise was jelly-liciously great, and more manageable than I expected. Why? Read below les photos.

On its own

On its own

On top of white
As I've read a lot of reviews of the Essie and China Glaze neon collections I knew there had been some trouble with coverage, patching and runny-ness. In the first 2 photos, where I'm wearing Paradise on its own, I really wanted to see its true color and potential. Besides that, I think jellies look really adorable when you can slightly spot some VNL (visible nail line) and that's just charming to me. Then in the last photo, I'm wearing it on top of 2 layers of OPI - Alpine Snow, and yup! - I knew a white base would boost the neon a bit, and the pink color tones show much better :) Bottom line - Dior crushed it to perfection! I'm starting to love Dior more and more. Chanel is still my absolute favorite, no need to worry! ;) Okay - that's it for today! Over and out guys, see yaaa!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Ice Cream Nails

Hello darlings! Today I want to show you these cute and yummy lookin' ice cream nails - with sprinkles! It's a look that I created for this month's nail art challenge #nailartjuly by Instagram user and nail magician @californails :) For each finger I started out with a layer of Nail Glow by Dior, replacing my usual base coat, and to matte-ify them for a natural finish I used 1 coat of Matte About You by Essie.

Pinky // June by Chanel - delicious orange sorbet!
Ring finger // Jasper by Butter London - nummy banana froyo!
Middle finger // Strawberry Milkshake by Ciaté - sweet strawberry gelato!
Index finger // Palm Treat by Sally Hansen - piquant pistachio ice cream!

I drew on sprinkles with a tiny customized nail art brush, using acrylic paint to get the exact colors that I wanted. As a finishing touch I applied top coat only on to the ice cream, to make it look somewhat realistic and also to further amplify the contrast to my matte natural nails. Enjoy the photos - and please remember they're not edible! ;) They do look YUMMY though, right?

These were really fun to make, so it won't be long until I try something like this again! That was just a little heads up for ya ;) I can't say this enough - thank you so much for reading! I appreciate it with all my heart. See you<3


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday

Hey my angels! I promised you a review of the nail polish Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann this weekend, and here it is! Just looking at the bottle, I could tell it was going to be amazing. The base is clear, and it's completely loaded with medium and small hexa glitter - in silver, sky blue, pure green, yellow, orange, red (only small) and magenta. I used 2 coats, and I really think it looks cute with the nail being visible through it all. Formula wise I'm so impressed! I was really afraid that I wouldn't be able to manage it, and it was all goopy, uneven and thick. What a nice surprise - it was beyond ideal! 

Some might say it's glitter-mazing - uhuh? Or glitter-rific? Glitter-stonishing? No? What - no? Come on you guys, can't you see, I'm the master of inventing words n'stuff! What I actually want to communicate to you, is that I think it's fantastic. I'm so happy that I got it, and I look forward to trying some layering with it! That's actually it for today! Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it. Lots and lots of love your way :) See ya!


Friday, July 5, 2013


Hello everyone! Today I'm going to share a little secret :) A while back I entered my first nail art competition ever. It was hosted by the lovely Bé from Vernis en Folie, and the theme was "Cosmos". She also had another one called "Aquarius". The deadline was monday June 24, and I only found out about the competition on Saturday, two days before. As my confidence is nonexistent, I immediately thought no, no way I can do this, I'll be an embarrassment. Sunday afternoon, inspiration struck me, and I just couldn't help it - I started painting. After photographing my nails, I tried to write down my inspiration, it just kept flowing, but I had to make it short. Here's the abridged version, of course in artistic italics - self-irony accomplished, yay:

The inspiration for my nail design is simple, but in a way also a bit complex. Cosmos is everything around us, but we visualize space when we think of it. Trying to capture our subjective and unique perception of it, one way or another, it's hard to understand. We must see the beauty of the cosmos to be happy, to be inspired. To remind myself and hopefully others too, I wanted to create "cosmos" on my nails, and with my own personal twist (I love designs with triangles) I think I made it work.

Cheesy, corny, cliché - my inner troll is seriously tormenting me now that I'm reading this again haha! Anyway, part of the jury consisted of Bé from Vernis en Folie and her facebook followers, because she uploaded every contestant's photo to facebook. The other part was announced along with the winners today - it was Camille from and a friend, Stéphanie from De Tout et De Rien, Pauline from Souchka and Bé's husband. OMG right?! Fantastic jury!!! I was the runner up - what a shock!!! I never thought I'd come that far, holy ****! I'm jumping, dancing and smiling - I can't believe all of those gorgeous ladies (and guy, haha) have seen my picture! What an amazing experience :) It certainly proved my nonexistent confidence wrong. Thanks to you Bé! 

To see the winner of my category click here or here

I'm still so happy - I can't believe I was number 2 :)

Thanks for reading lovelings! See yaaa :)


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Deborah Lippmann - Stairway to Heaven

Hello everyone, and happy 4th of July! My nails are not "Stars and Stripes" themed today, but there will be sparkles, people. Before the bedazzling part, I used 2 coats of Go Ginza from Essie's 2013 spring collection, which is a delicate cherry blossom pink creme, and it warms up nicely on my yellow skintone. Now, Stairway to Heaven is a magnificent mix of square see-through glitter in blue, green, purple and orange, plus hexa glitter also in orange. It's all twinkling in a very light, but not 100% transparent, jelly-licious base. Here I used 2 coats, and the glitter pay-off is fantastic, as with all Lippmann's, and the formula doesn't get irritatingly clumpy. The final verdict? See below the photos.

Okay everyone - shh! Can I have your attention? Let's just take a moment, and be still...

"Deborah Lippmann, I hereby coronate you Queen of Glitter Polish."
-Malene (

Seriously, I'm completely amazed every single time I try a different polish of hers. Stairway to Heaven? Yes, I'm in heaven - just look at it, pretty! I've been wearing Across the Universe, Glitter in the Air and then this one. As I'm typing right now, I'm wearing Happy Birthday, because it's my Grandmother's birthday today :) It's uhmazin! You can expect a review of it this weekend, just sayin'. So stick around lovelings! See youuu!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Sally Hansen - Palm Treat

Hello beauties! So this is my first time trying a Sally Hansen nail polish, and I'm glad I finally got to do it. I fell in love with this color as soon I saw it in-store, but somehow I forgot about it...'til now! ;) Palm Treat is 1 out of 8 nail polishes from the summer 2013 Exotica Collection in the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line. It's a gorgeous light green creme with hints of lime to it and, no kidding now, I speak from experience okay - Danish Iceberg lettuce. Oh and notice how the raindrops on my window are reflected in my top coat. I think here it's kinda cute! More info below ze photos.

The color is amazing I must say, and it's totally unique in my nail polish collection. It does require 3 coats as it is a bit sheer. The brush was quite big too, but the formula matched it perfectly, so in the end application actually went smoothly! No problems indeed :) And that's all for today people - thank you so much for reading, it melts my heart you know! See ya lovelies!