Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Gradient

Hello lovelies! As I showed you on my Instagram yesterday, I did a gradient manicure this weekend - and it was all inspired by an iPhone cover. Dat cover. It's really pretty! I immediately thought it would look good as a nail design, and well, as I'm not getting the cover any day soon, I just went for it! To create the look I used Tart Deco and Mint Candy Apple from the lovely brand Essie. As they are both very opaque, I didn't even need a layer of white polish beneath them! They were sponged right onto my base coat! Tart Deco is a coral orange creme - the shade is obviously directly inspired by the classic art deco style. Mint Candy Apple is a light mint-green creme, and is the complete contrast color to Tart Deco, which is why I think they go so well together.

Bottom line, I think the look is perfect for summer. If you'd like to know where to get the cover, or casually order it for me haha, just click here. Thanks for reading - I'm new at this and this is just a start, but it's definitely not a fluke. So stick around :) See ya everyone!



  1. It gives a fresh and breezy feeling. As you said, it's perfect for summer!

  2. I just discovered your blog (through Vernis en folie if I'm not mistaken), and I love it! I'm so peculiar about nail polish', nail art's blog and the the pictures that I don't have many favourites, but yours is just perfect for me :)

    I never tried to do a grandient, I'm too sloppy for that, but as it happens, I have these two Essies and I want to try it now.

    1. That's really lovely to hear :) I'm so happy that you told me!

      Yeah, if you have both Essies you could try it! :) The best thing is that you don't need that extra coat of white polish before doing the sponging :) That means no extra drying time ;)

      You're forever welcome to stick around<3