Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Picture Polish - O'Hara // Candy Cane Nails

Happy Holidays! :) I'm currently staying with my family and we celebrated Christmas yesterday, December 24, since that's the tradition in my country. As you might have guessed, I'm going to show you what I wore on Christmas Eve :)

This is O'Hara from Picture Polish - a hot red crelly with scattered holographic flecks. Application was really easy and all the shimmery particles spread beautifully onto my nails! 2 coats was enough for me to obtain full coverage :) O'Hara is like Freya's Cats really deep and sparkly, and under bright lights or sunlight it's almost three-dimensional! In the occasion of it being Christmas, I did some sweet nail art inspired by those pepperminty candy canes hanging on our Christmas tree :) Because I was already wearing this stunning red polish, all I needed was some striping tape and a white nail polish! I had a hard time trying not to bite my nails, they just looked so tasty! ;) Photos and final words below.

This is one of those nail polishes you have to own, because it will become your new go-to red lacquer. O'Hara is like 'the classic red', but reinvented. That right there just proves how amazingly gifted these girls are, Jules and Megs, who created Picture Polish. O'Hara was the last one of the 4 colors I received, and I'm so glad to have been given the opportunity to do these blog reviews for them. I hope we can do something like this again in the future :) 

Picture Polish Links // Webstore - Network - Facebook - Instagram

See you soon!<3


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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Picture Polish - Aphrodisiac

Hi guys! Sorry for being absent lately! :) Yes, one of the perks of this magical winter season finally hit me - I've had the flu with a fever and what not ;) I'm well now, and that means I've got things, lots of things, to catch up on :) So let's get started! ;)

The turn has come to Aphrodisiac by Picture Polish. This is a vampy dark purple shimmer. It just looks really slick and reminds me of pure silk. There is definitely this something about it that screams luxury, and...sexiness? The name certainly fits the polish :) Formula wise it's as smooth as it looks. Sure you can get away with only 1 coat, but I usually go for 2 coats with any polish no matter what. The final verdict and more info after the photos ;)

First when I saw this polish I noted how deliciously vampy it looked. I was afraid though that it would seem too black on the nail, not allowing the purple shimmer to shine through. Whether it's under outdoor or indoor lighting, the glowing properties really show, and you're almost spellbound. When light doesn't ignite the fire that does indeed lie within this polish, it looks super stylish and high fashion.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Picture Polish is an Australian independently owned boutique nail polish brand, created by two fantastic girls. The lacquers are 3-free and cruelty free. Try them if you're into chic and quirky nail polish. They are the best :)

Picture Polish Links // Webstore - Network - Facebook - Instagram

See you soon!<3


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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Picture Polish - Freya's Cats // Snowflake Nail Art

Hello nail polish lovers :) How are you? Today is the first day of December and I can't believe it - it totally got me by surprise this year! I feel like I've been super busy with a lot of stuff so I didn't even realize winter was sneaking up on all of us. Though after eating a lot of chocolate Santa's and homemade Christmas cookies I'm handling it way better! ;)

Today I'm showing you a sparkly gem from the lovely nail polish brand Picture Polish, and the name of it is Freya's Cats :) This is also a collaboration shade, and it was made together with Sasha aka Nihrida. It's a striking blue with scattered holographic shimmer and micro-flakes. The base is quite jellylike but it still gives great coverage :) I opted for 2 coats and it was enough for me. The scattered holo shimmer is incredibly beautiful and when you add those micro-flakes to the mixture, two things happen - it makes the polish seem crazy deep, yet keeping the vibrancy of the blue base, and it makes it really pop with all those sparkles. After I applied my top coat I noticed that at times it actually looked three-dimensional :) This was when I became inspired to do nail art. Studying this beautiful nail polish, I found myself imagining a blissful winter's day, in the afternoon when the darkening sky draws on the last sunshine of the day, and then very slowly snow starts falling. Delicately, glistening, the snowflakes fill the sky, and you know winter's here. Pure poetry, huh? :D Okay, cheesyness aside - I chose to do some wicked snowflake nail art! The design is of course hand painted by me :) Scroll down to check out the photos and read the final words ;)

This polish was my personal choice among the ones Picture Polish sent me, and thereby the polish to which I had the greatest expectations. Gawd, it is FLAWLESS. It hasn't let me down in any way, so as much as I wan't to give constructive criticism, there's absolutely nothing to say. Buy this if you can! :)

As I mentioned in my previous post, Picture Polish is an Australian independently owned boutique nail polish brand, created by two fantastic girls. The lacquers are 3-free and cruelty free. Try them if you're into chic and quirky nail polish. They are the best :)

Picture Polish Links // Webstore - Retailers - Facebook - Instagram

Aaaaand, I hope you liked my nail art! I want to do more, but it's so time consuming as I'm a beginner and it takes me forever to finish. Practice makes perfect though, right?

See you soon!<3


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Friday, November 22, 2013

Picture Polish - Pshiiit

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to show you this amazing nail polish by Picture Polish called Pshiiit - created in collaboration with Camille over at :) It's a medium dark turquoise lacquer with blue flakies and a very subtle hint of gold shimmer. The blue and green hues are truly vibrant, almost glowing, and together with the cold toned flakies and warm toned shimmer it just reaches a higher form of perfection. What I really love, is that there isn't any glitter to steal the attention from the already beautiful creation. For this manicure I used 2 coats plus top coat, and the consistency was extremely easy to work with, it distributed so elegantly onto my nails. I have 8 photos today, and you can clearly see how this polish changes, sometimes leaning green and other times blue. More info below the pictures :)

Picture Polish, stylized as piCture pOlish, is an Australian independently owned boutique nail polish brand, created by two fantastic girls. The lacquers are by the way 3-free and cruelty free, which means free from DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde and never tested on animals. Picture Polish promises to "create a scene", and what can I say, they fulfill this promise to my utter awe. Obviously these girls have a flair for gauging and translating the trends of the moment into chic and quirky nail polish.

I've known about this brand for many, many months, and since then I've proudly pronounced myself their biggest fan. But how could I be their biggest fan if I didn't even own a single one of their nail polishes? Those dark ages are finally over, and I'm so happy to say that I've got 4 of them now :) That's all thanks to them, as they gave me the opportunity to do join a 4-week review program. I'm so grateful<3

Picture Polish Links // Webstore - Retailers - Facebook - Instagram

Girls, and some boys, this is the cat's pajamas! I can't wait to show you the other 3 nail polishes :) Take care until next time! :) See ya!


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Friday, November 15, 2013

NCLA - My Dad Invented That

Hello everyone! Today on my blog I present to you - My Dad Invented That by NCLA, from the North Of Sunset Collection for Fall 2013. It's a black-based silver glitter polish, with added glitter in all of the colors of the rainbow! :) This polish is unique in my stash, and that's always a plus! The formula spreads very evenly onto the nails. Here I used 2 coats for my manicure. It does dry quite gritty because it's loaded with glitter, but with a dense top coat like Dior's Gel Coat or Seche Vite it becomes completely smooth when dry. Read the final verdict below the photos :)

I can only say that I really like this one. It reminds me a little bit of asphalt, and the colored glitter could be oil stains reflecting rainbow-like colors. I'm always searching for new and different lacquers that really stand out, at least to me :) My Dad Invented That is definitely different, and it's not the last NCLA polish I'll be grabbing for myself! ;) What do you think?

See you soon! :)


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dior - Diablotine #643 & Rock Coat

Hellooo! :) I hope you are all well! Today I'm going to show you this beautiful Dior nail polish from the Sparkling Shine Collection for Spring 2013 - Diablotine #643. It's a bright coral red shimmer with very visible gold and pink flecks. It has me gasping for air, because it's just so gorgeous and it radiates sunshine and happiness! Well, to be completely square, it may not me season cohesive with it being Fall now. It's like the mood has been set to include more toned down colors, both in nature and in fashion. Luckily, I got my hands on this innovative product from Dior called Rock Coat. It actually came out already in the Rock Your Nails Collection for Spring 2011, and you know what - I'm impressed. Rock Coat is a black sheer top coat with micro shimmer, and it's meant to transform your present manicure into a whole new look. I have to say, it adds a completely different personality to the original nail polish - with one coat, Diablotine becomes this sultry and warm Fall-appropriate lacquer, and the depth to it is amazing. It's a play of dark shimmery flecks and dusty micro shimmer, topped with a glossy finish. Furthermore, to vamp it up I added a 2nd layer. OMG... So pretty. And the shimmer is still slightly visible :) By now, you could actually say that this top coat has tripled the amount of nail polishes in my stash! That's crazy! :D Yeah, enough with the talking, and on to the maaaaaany photos!

Fall-ify your summery shades - it's like magic, right? Okay maybe it's just science, "beach" ;) Anyway, I've got a little surpise up my sleeve! To celebrate that 2500 of you guys are now following me on Instagram, I went out and bought an extra Dior Rock Coat - FOR YOU! Well, for the lucky winner :) Plus a tiny pot with 300 square silver studs, because that's something you can never get enough of ;) It's open internationally, and all you have to do is follow me on Instagram, like and repost the giveaway photo + remember to tag me @nailescapades and hashtag #nailescapades2500giveaway + say what country you live in :) I would like to know where my sweet followers come from :) I'll use to draw the winner! The giveaway closes at November 17, UTC/GMT 8.00 PM. So good luck guys! I'm excited to see if anyone actually enters my giveaway haha. See ya!<3


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello Kitty Movember Nails

Hi guys! It's time for a girly Movember look featuring the cute Hello Kitty with a tiny little moustache :3 I got the inspiration from an iPhone cover on, and you know how I become when I'm overwhelmed by amazingness like that... I just have to transform it into some kind of nail design! For all of my nails except my ring finger I wore Hip-Anema by Essie. Hip-Anema has a wonderful creamy formula, and was almost a one-coater for me. On top of it I just made various sized white dots of acrylic paint, and I placed them randomly in a pattern similar to fly agaric - like those super mushrooms from Super Mario :) On my ring finger, with a white base, I outlined the design with black acrylic paint, and when it was dry, I filled in the nose and the bow with nail polish :) Of course remember your base and top coat girls! Protect your nails to keep them healthy and happy :) Here are some photos of the result.

Here's my inspiration guys :)

Pretty awesome, right?

Remember to check in with my Instagram too ladies and gents! @nailescapades :) See you soon!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

HAY Grid Nail Design

Hellooo! Oh yeah uhm, have you noticed I'm actually here again? :) So... Not long ago it was my birthday, and one of my gifts was this really pretty grid pencil case from the Danish design company HAY. I got it from my older sister, and it came along with other various sized Zip It folders in the same style. The beautiful design inspired me to recreate it on my nails - and why yes, of course I did!

First of all I applied my current favorite base coat Nail Foundation by Butter London. The next step is to do one coat of a see-through white polish, I guess like a white jelly :) When it's dry just paint on those black lines girl! I used acrylic paint which in my opinion is way easier to manage than polish, but if you don't have that on hand then polish is totally fine too! :) Use a nail art brush, a striper or a toothpick. Be careful not to smudge those fine lines when you apply your normal top coat - I used Dior's Gel Coat. Oh wait, there's one last step! When your mani is completely dry, finish off with a matte top coat to get that same surface texture as the pencil case on your nails :) Alright! Get ready for some photo-spam!

Lol sorry about the second photo being so blurry! I LOVE spending time with my new camera/best friend :) Can't wait to shoot even more photos in the future! It's all new to me again, so please bear with me for a little while ;) Take care guys!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Chanel - Kaleidoscope #479

Hi everyone! Today I'm all about showing you the wondrously beautiful nail polish Kaleidoscope #479. It was released along with Gold Fiction and Fantastic #481 in Chanel's Golden Child Collection for Fall 2008 :) Kaleidoscope is a shimmery green gold metallic, and it leans towards antique silver and pewter depending on light. The formula reminds me a bit about Peridot, and it's awesome. I'm wearing just 2 coats of Kaleidoscope here, the base coat is from Butter London and the top coat is Chanel's own Laque Brillance Extrême.

Gorgeousness, right? The only thing I have to say about the photos is, that the shimmer and shine is so more rad in real life. Somehow the glittery amazingness wouldn't show 100%, and that's of course because I'm a noob and just started using my newly purchased DSLR camera! :) It's so nice - it's a Canon EOS 600D, and I'm in love. All I have to do now is just learn how to work it :) It shouldn't be too hard to figure out though ;)

 Stay classy!
 (Yes, I stole that line from Anchorman! :D)


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mint / Beige Leopard Nails

Hi lovelings! I didn't plan on blogging about this mint and beige leopard nail design, but hey, why not? Just a few words today :) This is Butter London's Cuppa for the base, and Fiver for spots, and Essie's Licorice to outline them. I did everything without nail art tools, just the nail polish brushes. My black Essie has the old slim brush though, so you might need to use a small nail art brush or a toothpick instead, if your black polish has a quite wide one. Good luck if you'd like like to recreate this look! You can show me if you tag me on Instagram @nailescapades :)

Stay classy ;)